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Entrepreneur and a Businessman
Marketing Specialist

Co- founder


Gourmet Chef
Product development specialist
Logistic Planning Specialist

Co- founder


Ph.D. Food Chemist
Consulting, Products develop, and Industrial solutions Specialist in Turn-Key production lines.

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Our story

it all began in 2013 when we decided to find an alternative solution for all pasta lovers worldwide that are careful about their weight.
Having years of experience in the food industry, we used our knowledge and skills to re-invent the Konjac Noodles as an odor free, pre-cooked and a healthy pasta alternative.
We launched our brand “SKINNY PASTA” and have since been committed to bring our products to markets worldwide, allowing more pasta lovers to enjoy our guilt-free Skinny Pasta.
We are working constantly to keep innovating our products and growing our product lines with more variations. Its pay to look for them.

Our vision

To get skinnypasta available to as much people and markets around the world, to share the news that the pasta is re-invented as a low calorie ,low carbs delight!. Skinny pasta is a solution to a worldwide problem!, People deserve to eat pasta without any guilts!, Skinny pasta is here !

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