What is Skinny Pasta®?


Skinny Pasta® is a delicious pasta alternative that has only 29 calories per 100 grams (3.52 oz), thanks to its main ingredient, konjac – an all-natural plant that contains fiber.
To add texture and to help you feel fuller longer we’ve added gluten-free oat flour.

Skinny Pasta® is organic, free from GMOs‚ allergens and additives so you and your family can enjoy their favorite dishes without sacrificing taste or flavor.

This smart pasta alternative is a versatile, convenient choice as it is precooked and ready to heat & eat.
Skinny Pasta® products are made from our proprietary formula and unlike all other konjac pasta alternatives our products are 100% ODOR FREE.

The Skinny Pasta® noodles are pre-cooked and ready in 2 minutes.
Skinny Pasta® is an organic and healthy line of delicious pasta alternatives based on the benefits of the Konjac root.
Skinny Pasta noodles are all natural,

GMO-free, preservative-free and are enriched with oat flour to give them a pleasant texture.

Our Factory

Our production facility is located in the heart of Sichuan province PRC Between the konjac fields. Our company controls all production process, From the konjac farms, konjac grinding and drying Until the ready skinny pasta products. 

Our top of the line facility is a food high-tech factory Our factory holds highest food standards as BRC ,IFS22,000 ,HACCP. We offer an organic certified products. All products are kosher under the KOF-K supervision and under HALAL supervision.

Skinny Pasta® Good for Diets:

Our Products

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